About Crayon Media

Crayon Media recognizes that positive media coverage is a great way to grow your brand. But in emerging economies like Southeast Asia, other channels of influence can be even more important in seizing the opportunities on offer for savvy investors.

We use a team of international and local experts across Southeast Asia to tap media, government and commercial channels to help you enter and make an impact in this vibrant and growing region.

We can help you make a big splash through a well-executed promotional event, but we’ll also help you understand, navigate and capture the all important distribution channels that are essential to getting your products to market.

Looking for a new manufacturing base, or planning a big tourism venture? We’ll put you in touch with the legal, property, logistics and human resources experts you’ll need to get your business up and running.

Because we mix daily with business people from a range of sectors we are also ideally placed to help you find a local partner you can trust, and who can deliver results.

Crayon Media’s guiding philosophy is that the best results come from connecting great ideas with great people, whether they are potential partners, advisors or the journalists that help you get your story out.

Column inches and airtime count, but we want to invest our energy and expertise in helping you truly capture the opportunities on offer. Contact us today to see how our team can help.

Main contact

Nathan Green – Director
Nathan has more than 15 years experience as a journalist, public relations expert and market entry consultant in Southeast Asia, East Asia and New Zealand. He has advised clients in government, the private sector and the NGO sector. He has a real strength in identifying opportunities to bring multiple parties together for mutual advantage.